Loving my day off so far.

Downloading and installing free full retail PS3 video games that I got for getting a voucher for a whole year to Playstation Plus that came with this white beast. There are plenty of free (full!) PS3 games and this white system has 500 GB of space, so I can get as many of them as I want. Looks like I’m never gonna be bored again.

I am LOVING this new white PS3. It is one sexy looking machine. It’s like a muthafuckin’ white Lambo with this slide top and super slim design. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up. 

I downloaded GTA: Vice City last night and it sure brings back some good memories. Make sure and grab it if you have a PS3. It’s only 10 bucks and you if you haven’t played it by now you’re missing out on of the best video games of all time. Also shame on you. 

See ya later, just finished installing this copy of Darksiders I just downloaded. Time to go play it….FOR FREEEE! 

  1. thefredasaurusrex said: oh sweet baby jesus. it’s fucking beautiful.
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